Epidural Steroid Injections

Inflamed spinal nerves are a common cause of neck, back, and extremity pain. When inflamed spinal nerves do not respond to nonsurgical treatment options like rest, activity modification, and anti-inflammatory medications, a minimally invasive epidural steroid injection procedure may be performed. The procedure is one of the most commonly used minimally invasive spine procedures because it provides patients with fast-acting pain relief. The spine specialists at Hope Orthopedics perform epidural steroid injections that target inflamed nerves and quickly decrease pain.

An Epidural Steroid Injection Procedure at Hope Orthopedics

An epidural steroid injection procedure at Hope Orthopedics is a step-by-step process. A mild sedative is given to patients to help them relax. Local anesthesia is used to numb the area where the injection will occur. Patients feel very little (if any) pain or discomfort during the procedure. The following steps are used to perform the procedure:

  • Positioning. Patients are positioned face down on the procedure table. Pillows and cushions are used to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Skin preparation. The skin is cleaned with alcohol and sterilized using a topical sterilization solution.
  • Needle insertion. A needle is inserted into the surgical area. X-ray guidance is used to position the needle near inflamed nerves.
  • Medication injection. Corticosteroid and anesthetic medications are injected near inflamed nerves.

A Band-Aid is placed over the tiny needle mark. Total procedure time is approximately 15-45 minutes.


Patients remain in the office for a short period of time after their procedure. They are monitored by nurses and staff members to ensure pain is controlled. Once cleared, patients may return home. A friend or family member is responsible for driving. Patients may walk after their procedure. Soreness may be easily managed using ice and pain and anti-inflammatory medications. It usually takes patients 24 hours to recover from their procedure.


Epidural steroid injections are known to produce fast, if not immediate, results. Pain and other symptoms that are caused by the following conditions may be effectively treated using the procedure:

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Herniated disc
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spondylosis
  • Sciatica

Results may last anywhere from a few days to many months. In most cases, epidural steroid injections are used in conjunction with other treatments options to provide patients with a complete treatment solution to the condition that is causing their pain. Patients who are in pain and would like to find out if epidural steroid injections can help them are encouraged to schedule an appointment with one of the specialists at Hope Orthopedics.