Hope Orthopedics of Oregon offers caring, comprehensive therapy services with highly-trained professionals who work with you to speed recovery and allow you to return to the things you enjoy doing most. After an injury or surgery, we understand quality of life is often compromised due to pain and limited range of motion. The therapy professionals at Hope Orthopedics are trained to evaluate problems and design effective solutions to help you regain independence. We listen, ask the right questions, and identify the best possible pathways to help patients discover a new and improved version of themselves.


Our therapy services include:

To achieve optimal results, patient education is a key component of your care. Our licensed therapists dedicate enough treatment time to provide ample exposure to equipment and exercises, along with focused one-on-one guidance that expedites your recovery. As a result, our therapy visits can run longer than standard PT/OT appointments. It is this level of dedication that sets Hope Orthopedics apart and makes it possible for most patients to return to their previous level of function and activity.