Sports Medicine

Hope Orthopedics of Oregon is a comprehensive resource for treating injured competitors,
but the scope of our center's sports medicine care extends far beyond athletes. Our specialists are committed to helping individuals of all ages and activity levels regain their highest level of functioning after an injury.

From local school and college athletes who have been injured playing organized sports to the fitness enthusiast who has pulled a muscle in a spin class, Hope's sports medicine specialists can get you back to your formal level of functioning as quickly and safely as possible.

Meet our Specialists

Dr. Elkin - Sports Medicine

Dr. Daniel Elkin

Sports Medicine, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Arthroscopy, Fracture
Dr. Fan - Sports Medicine

Dr. Robert Fan

Sports Medicine, Shoulder, Hip, Knee
Dr. Ryan - Sports Medicine

Dr. Alana Ryan

Sports Medicine, Non-Operative Musculoskeletal Conditions, Concussions
Dr. Tobin - Sports Medicine

Dr. Richard Tobin

Sports Medicine, Knee, Shoulder

Common Orthopedic Sports Injuries


Sprains and Strains 

These are common sports injuries, and can occur during most kinds of physical activity. A sprain occurs when a ligament (the tough bands connecting bones in a joint) is stretched beyond its limit or torn. Sprains most commonly occur in the wrist, ankle, or knee. Strains happen when muscle fibers or tendons are stretched beyond their limit or have been overused, causing a tear. Sprains and strains may be mild, moderate, or severe, depending on the extent of the injury.


Knee Injuries

Many people have had a knee injury at some point in their lives. Normal wear and tear, overuse, or an accident or injury can lead to knee pain. Knee ligament sprains and tears are very common sports injuries, and can occur to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), and medial collateral ligament (MCL). Too much stress on these ligaments can cause them to stretch too far -- or even snap. Any of these injuries can result in severe knee pain and could require surgery. If you think you may have torn a ligament in your knee, you should see an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible for a diagnosis and to prevent additional damage.



A fracture is also known as a broken bone, and is a very common sports injury. Fractures occur when the physical force exerted on the bone is stronger than the bone itself, so most fractures are caused by accident and are not easy to prevent. Fracture caused by a one-time injury is called an acute fracture. Repeated stress on a bone over time, is a stress fracture.  Stress fractures often occur from sports that cause repetitive impact, such a running or jumping sport. Most fractures are classified as emergencies and some may even need surgery to completely repair.



Dislocation occurs when force pushes the bones in a joint out of alignment. Many contact sports such as football or lacrosse can cause dislocations. The shoulder, fingers and hand are the most common sites for joint dislocation. Hips, elbows and knees can also be dislocated, but this is much less common. A dislocation will usually require immediate medical attention.