Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) utilizes specially designed tools to work through targeted, smaller skin incisions.
This technique essentially allows all of the cutting, shaping, or fixation of surgery to be done from the inside, rather than opening the skin with a larger, traditional incision to completely expose the work area. Although it originated in the 1980’s by interventional radiologists, technologic advances and techniques have allowed MIS to expand throughout nearly all surgical specialties. Hope Orthopedics of Oregon has continued this tradition of excellence and is recognized as a leader in MIS procedures. In fact, Hope Orthopedics is one of only a handful of practices in the western United States that has a trained
MIS surgeon.

There are several advantages that MIS offers, compared to traditional open procedures. By limiting the exposure and damage to adjacent tissue, patients generally have a faster recovery. Patients may also experience less swelling and less pain. Smaller incisions lead to less complications, less scarring, and improved cosmesis as well.

To find out more information and determine if you are a good candidate for MIS, talk with your surgeon.


Animated Examples of MIS