Dr. Kelly McCormick

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  4.7 out of 5

  • Dr. McCormick was very helpful in discussing a long range plan for the arthritis in my left foot. He answered all my husband's and my questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. I would highly recommend Dr. McCormick as a foot and ankle specialist. - Heidi G. - 6/10/2021 

  • Dr. McCormick is excellent. Good listener and gives good treatment. Very pleased with my first encounter. I have always received good help from HOPE. - Dona &. - 5/27/2021 

  • Dr. McCormick performed on my ankle and made sure I was taken cared for! Definitely a great doctor. Him and his staff are very good, fast and efficient! - Yaniva G. - 5/20/2021 

  • Very attentive to the patient and punctual and their needs would highly recommend this doctor [Dr. McCormick]. - Lauren L. - 5/11/2021 

  • Dr. McCormick has been my orthopedic doctor/surgeon for many years he always concern for you and helping you to some relief he always goes over board to listen to you. "Thank you Dr. McCormick" your a great doctor - Karla - 5/05/2021 

Dr. Kelly McCormick joined Hope Orthopedics of Oregon in September 2012 after completing a prestigious Foot and Ankle Fellowship training program at The Campbell Clinic, University of Tennessee. He says he enjoys focusing on foot and ankle conditions because, “Your feet are what ground you. If you injure your feet, you lose that grounding. And when your feet hurt, it seems like everything else hurts. I really enjoy giving that base, that grounding, back to patients so they can quickly return to the activities that they love most.”

Trained in minimally invasive orthopedic procedures, Dr. McCormick is currently the first and only doctor in Salem doing procedures of this kind. These procedures are most effective for patients and reduce the amount of down time after surgery.

Dr. McCormick has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and textbooks and is the principal designer of a line of specialty orthopedic surgical instruments. When he's not taking care of his patients, Dr. McCormick can be found traveling or foraging the Pacific Northwest forests for edible fungi with his family.

To read about Dr. McCormick's success with total ankle replacement click here.


  • Undergraduate: The Colorado College
  • Medical School: The University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Graduate Medical Education

  • Residency: UPMC Hamot Medical Center, Erie, PA
  • Fellowship: The Campbell Clinic, University of Tennessee, Foot and Ankle Surgery

Board Certification

  • American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
  • American Board of Physician Specialties

Professional Society Memberships