Dating back to the mid-'90s and early 2000s, there were four competing orthopedic groups in our area. Seeing the trends in healthcare we realized we would be much better together and formed Willamette Orthopedic Group. This collaboration allowed us to provide highly specialized care to the community and amplify our commitment to exceptional patient care. In 2009, after building a state-of-the-art clinic on State Street, we changed our name to Hope Orthopedics of Oregon. We love our name because ‘hope’ is contained within the word Orthopedics and we thought it was a wonderfully appropriate way to represent our mission.


At Hope Orthopedics of Oregon, serving our community with the best possible care is our core mission.


Our purpose is to provide humble and compassionate service to our community. That means working hard, being passionate about what we do, and promoting excellence. We want patients to understand how much we sincerely care about their wellness and want everything about the patient experience at Hope Orthopedics to be as easy and simple as possible.


1)   Provide humble and compassionate service;
2)  Be lifelong partners in wellness and education;
3)  Be passionate and promote excellence;
4)  Contribute positively within our community; and
5)  Work hard to make it easy (easy for our patients, our community partners, and each other).


We aspire to create a caring and purpose-driven culture that fosters mutual trust, tolerance, and compassion across all levels of our organization.