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Our physicians have many years of education, training and hands-on experience to treat a wide range of orthopedic issues. We also offer comprehensive therapy services with highly trained professionals who will work with you to speed your recovery and allow you to return to the things you most enjoy.

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At Hope Orthopedics of Oregon you will be treated by one of our highly trained orthopedic providers. Our physicians, PAs and Nurse Practitioners have experience in subspecialty orthopedic care, joint replacement and sports injuries.

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When you choose Hope Orthopedics of Oregon, you’ll be taking the first step on your road to recovery.

Hope Orthopedics is a full-service orthopedic practice devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. We provide general orthopedic and sports medicine care, as well as hand therapy and physical therapy. Our primary goal is to improve your quality of life and return you to your normal activities quickly and with as little pain as possible.

  • 5 star ratingWOW, I am so impressed with this clinic! At first, I have to be honest and was somewhat hesitant to use this clinic, thinking it's rather large and I am not a big fan of the non personal treatment that often occurs in the larger clinics, NOT so with this place! Everyone from the business office, scheduling, front desk check in, to the medical assistants and PA, it just does not get better than this! Dr Sewell was my surgeon, he is compassionate, articulate and an excellent surgeon. He would listen astutely to any questions I had and I could tell he was sincere. Another thing I experienced here is their promptness, it's a very well oiled machine, they have their act together.There was a staff person at my post op visit to assist with the check in, easy peasy. I believe the Doctors own the clinic and it is SO refreshing to do business with such a professional clinic. I hope I never need their services again, but if I do, I am so happy Salem has such a top notch clinic! Thank you Hope!
    PS; Follow your Doctors post op advice and don't complain if you don't, they know what they're doing.

    Steve M. Avatar
    Steve M.
  • I've waited 14 long years for a Joint replacement after a tibial plateau fracture causing permanent damage. Had all my hardware removed in May and total joint replacement & maniscal repair July13 with Dr Dolan! He, Erin NP, & Jennifer have changed my life literally forever. Dr Dolan said this would be "miraculous" for me and it has been because THEY ARE MIRACULOUS! They have been there for me all the way! THANK YOU Dr Dolan for the blessings you have given me. It's so hard to explain what you have done for me and given me a new chance at life!

    Tina Vassar Avatar
    Tina Vassar
  • I have had fantastic results because of Dr. Yao. I have always had excellent results with Hope orthopedics. The service, and help and explanationseverything is top of the line. I highly recommend them.

    Elnora Gates Avatar
    Elnora Gates
  • Great Office! Great technology to get you through the check in process as wells as freindly and professional staff all the way from check in, x-ray and consult with Dr. Yao.

    Susan Hazenberg DeBates Avatar
    Susan Hazenberg DeBates
  • If you require their services I would highly recommend them. Dr Banasiak has done two back surgeries on me and I feel she could not have done a better job very qualified doctor and surgeon . She has change my life for the better and definitely recommend her for any procedure you need to have done at hope orthopedics

    Vicki Hemmert Avatar
    Vicki Hemmert
  • They are truly outstanding! Everyone that I have dealt with at Hope Orthopedics has been friendly , kind, professional and very efficient.

    Suzanne Erickson-Hill Avatar
    Suzanne Erickson-Hill
  • Thank you, Hope! So grateful for the level of care your office provides & Dr McCormick in particular for my broken foot! It has been awesome that you've been a sponsor of Cherry City Derby Girls.

    Nicole Charlson Avatar
    Nicole Charlson
  • Always have a pleasant visit for issues regarding my arthritic hands! Wait is never too long and highly recommend Dr. Knight. All staff members caring and personable!

    Judee Yerion Avatar
    Judee Yerion
  • I think they are great, so fast, efficient and do a great job. My knee is feeling great since the steroid injection too!

    Christie Beitel Avatar
    Christie Beitel
  • 4 star ratingI had a very difficult time scheduling an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon following a referral from my primary physician.  When I finally got an appointment time, I met with the surgeon and very much liked his approach and his emphasis on non-surgical treatment.  Later that day, I received a call from a woman in their benefits office who apologized for not sending my information to their scheduling dept. to set up an appointment.  I appreciated not only the doctor's care and concern but their attentiveness to customer service.

    Check-in process was efficient and there is also a staff member going through the line trying to speed things up.

    Peter A. Avatar
    Peter A.

Mobile Pre-Check

When you use Hope's Mobile Pre-Check, by Clearwave®, you can be sure that all of your information is safe and secure.

Patients will receive an appointment reminder that includes a link to “confirm” his/her appointment. Once the patient confirms the appointment, he/she can then begin the precheck process by clicking on the link provided. All information shared through Clearwave is confidential and is sent by a healthcare business associate.