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Our surgeons have many years of education, training and hands-on experience to treat a wide range of orthopedic and sports medicine. We also offer comprehensive therapy services with highly trained professionals who will work with you to speed your recovery and allow you to return to the things you most enjoy doing.

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At Hope Orthopedics you will be treated by one of our highly trained orthopedic providers. Our surgeons, PAs, and Nurse Practitioner have experience in subspecialty orthopedic care, joint replacement, and sports injuries.

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About us

When you choose Hope Orthopedics, you’ll be taking the first step on your road to recovery.

Hope Orthopedics is a full-service orthopedic practice devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. We provide general orthopedic, and sports medicine care, as well as hand therapy and physical therapy. Our primary goals are to improve your quality of life, and return you to your normal activities quickly and with as little pain as possible.

  • Great experience with all the staff and faculty. Very professional and offered great advice regarding my condition and recovery.

    Gary Spillane Avatar
    Gary Spillane
  • Bestest place EVER!!!! PERIOD!!! Jennifer Truax has been an angel following up my recovery.
    Thank you Jenn!!!

    Marvin Alessandro Tijerino Avatar
    Marvin Alessandro Tijerino
  • Great place with great people who care. Matt in P.T. Is amazing! Dr. Yao is the one who did all 3 of my surgeries, he's a good man.

    Nicole Cornell Avatar
    Nicole Cornell
  • I couldnt b more grateful to Dr McCormick and the staff at Hope. After 10 years of being between a level 4 - 7 of pain on the daily without medications I am delighted to report a 0 level of pain. What a great place of healing this is. I couldnt b happier or more full of gratitude than I am. Thank u so very much and God bless u all.

    Debbie White Tate Avatar
    Debbie White Tate
  • Very professional and friendly staff. We like it here very much.

    Trish Duer Avatar
    Trish Duer
  • Dr knight is fantastic! He's taking great care of my mom. Thank you Dr knight!

    Desiree Majors Avatar
    Desiree Majors
  • I went to Dr. Banasiak with my 81-yrs-young father for a surgery consult. She is always personable, very empathetic to the patient but also very honest with what will or will not work by doing surgery. We have also experienced her determined ability to make sure that the patient gets the best of care. I would (and do!) highly recommend her as a physician and surgeon.

    Terri Wilson Austin Avatar
    Terri Wilson Austin
  • positive review Patient care is by far one of the best facilities I've been to. They communicate work well with you but they give you clear concise answers you may not always want to hear but they give you their answer that's best for you

    Ralph Shrek Kleinschmit Avatar
    Ralph Shrek Kleinschmit
  • I've waited 14 long years for a Joint replacement after a tibial plateau fracture causing permanent damage. Had all my hardware removed in May and total joint replacement & maniscal repair July13 with Dr Dolan! He, Erin NP, & Jennifer have changed my life literally forever. Dr Dolan said this would be "miraculous" for me and it has been because THEY ARE MIRACULOUS! They have been there for me all the way! THANK YOU Dr Dolan for the blessings you have given me. It's so hard to explain what you have done for me and given me a new chance at life!

    Tina Vassar Avatar
    Tina Vassar
  • Dr Dolan has a excellent team to serve his patients.
    They are thorough and friendly.
    I got the feeling they liked their jobs.
    Thanks for everything. The Gerbera daisy was a nice touch

    Jim Menges Avatar
    Jim Menges

Mobile Pre-Check

When you use Hope's Mobile Pre-Check, by Clearwave®, you can be sure that all of your information is safe and secure.

Patients will receive an appointment reminder that includes a link to “confirm” his/her appointment. Once the patient confirms the appointment, he/she can then begin the precheck process by clicking on the link provided. All information shared through Clearwave is confidential and is sent by a healthcare business associate.